Proponents of Creation are either removed from their posts or expelled from their schools.

As a requirement of the Darwinist imposition, a great many professors have been removed from their posts for defending the fact of Creation. The latest example of this is Michael Reiss, the former director of education at the British Royal Society, who was hastily removed from that position for suggesting that Creation also be taught in schools.



The scientists cited above were removed from their posts at America's most prestigious universities or scientific institutions for questioning belief in evolution.

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Books espousing the fact of Creation are burned in many countries,

100 million fossils unearthed from below the ground and that have remained unchanged for millions of years are hidden away from the public eye, even though they prove the fact of Creation.

It is never admitted that there is not even a single intermediate form fossil.

It is never mentioned that it is impossible for proteins to form by chance.

The odds that a protein molecule forms by chance are 1 in 10950. In practical terms that figure means "zero probability."
The probability of an average protein molecule made up of 500 amino acids being arranged in the correct quantity and sequence in addition to the probability of all of the amino acids it contains being only left-handed and being combined with only peptide bonds is "1" in 10950.

Fake skulls are constantly displayed as evidence of supposed human evolution. Even though they have been proven false, they are still on display in the world's famous museums as if they were real.

When they were unable to find any genuine intermediate form fossils to prove Darwinism, they added feathers to fossil dinosaurs and tried to pass this off as an intermediate form.

A new hoax intermediate form, Nebraska Man, was invented from a single wild pig tooth. They produced false reconstructions to give people the impression that such a being had once existed. People were deceived by pictures produced showing this non-existent entity's whole family.     

Even though they know perfectly well that the first organisms with characteristics of a similar complexity to those of present-day life forms appeared suddenly and simultaneously in the Cambrian Period, some 530 million years ago, efforts are still being made to keep the fraud that life forms gradually evolved from the primitive to the more advanced on the agenda.

They for years depicted Haeckel's forged embryo drawings, produced with the aim of proving the lie that human embryos possess gills, as evidence for evolution. They never declared that they were a hoax.

The lie that the human embryo exhibits first fish-like and then reptilian features during the course of its development in the mother's womb has gone down as another of the theory of evolution's deceptions. Haeckel's fraud under the magnifying glass: Photographs of embryos taken by the British embryologist Richardson in 1999 showed that Haeckel's drawings were totally unrelated to reality. Above can be seen Haeckel's fictitious drawings, with authentic photographs to the left.

The sequence showing the supposed evolution of the horse, which even they admit to be false, is still on display in museums.

The horse series charts were the result of distortions of the facts. Every new fossil discovery has revealed the invalidity of these imaginary charts.

Despite knowing full well that mutations do nothing but harm organisms, they portray mutation experiments as evidence for evolution, and they have for years reiterated the lie that mutations lead to evolution.

The moths that were glued onto the tree trunks were dishonestly depicted as "the peppered moths that had evolved by way of natural selection."

Natural selection can never give rise to a species that does not exist in nature; it can only bring about the elimination of weak or deformed individuals in living species. The peppered moths are an excellent example of this. Looked at in the light of research up until the last quarter of the 20th century, trees grew darker in color as the Industrial Revolution progressed. Therefore, lighter colored moths living on these trees declined in number as they were more visible to birds and more easily caught. Darker colored moths, on the other hand, increased in number. But this has nothing to do with evolution, of course. No new species emerged. All that happened was a change in the proportions within the moth population. But in order to show this as a so-called evidence of evolution through natural selection, Darwinists resorted to sticking moths onto tree trunks.

The coelacanth, which still lives in deep sea waters today, was for years depicted as an intermediate form.

The bones in its fins led to the coelacanth being depicted as a fish about to progress to the walking stage. However, the capture of many living specimens consigned all such fictitious evolutionist scenarios to the waste bin.

Fossils of complex life forms dating back to the Cambrian Period were concealed for no less than 70 years, out of a concern these would totally discredit evolution.

They portrayed the Piltdown Man hoax, made by adding an orangutan jaw to a human cranium and filing down its teeth, as an intermediate form and deceived people by exhibiting this fake fossil in the British Museum for 40 years as alleged evidence of evolution.

Piltdown Man, portrayed for 43 years as highly significant evidence confirming evolution, turned out to be a hoax. In 1953, investigations into the skull revealed that Piltdown Man was no fossil, but a forgery produced by combining human and orangutan bones.

Left: Excavations at Piltdown, birthplace of the Piltdown Man scandal

In all schools and universities the deception that "chance causes evolution" has been taught as a scientific fact.

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